Stem Cell Therapy @ Dental Implant Laser Cosmetic Center

Stem cells are the foundation cells of every organ and tissue in body including the oral cavity.

For decades, doctors have harnessed the unique ability of stem cells to treat leukemia and genetic blood diseases. But now, researchers are discovering that these cells have the power to heal, to fight disease, and to regenerate damaged or aging tissue throughout the body.

Stem cells are able to repair or replace damaged tissue. This is why scientists and doctors are so excited about the growing role of stem cells to treat disease, injury, and the deterioration of tissue due to aging. Amazingly, after our birth and into adulthood, we keep a store of these stem cells in certain parts of our body.

Mesenchymal stem cells have already proven to be a powerful and potent platform for developing treatments. As you are reading this, scientists are studying the role of these amazing cells in treating conditions such as type 1 diabetes, spinal cord injury, stroke, myocardial infarction (heart attack), corneal damage and neurological diseases like Parkinson's, to name just a few.

Dental Stem Cells are collected from variety of sources like tooth pulp, periodontal ligament, deciduous tooh etc.

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